Our philosophy at Just LIFT is a complete concept. We know from experience and observation that lifting is more than just changing your body for the better. We lift weights to in an effort to change ourselves physically. We lift confidence by creating a space where clients can feel comfortable learning new skills and understanding the beauty and power of their body through movement. We lift spirit through endorphins in a high energy, motivational environment. We lift others through a supportive fit community filled with positivity, laughter, encouragement, and fun!


You live inside your body. It’s your home. If you want to build your dream home, you work at building it one brick at a time. Each workout is another brick in the process. Let us help you build your house one brick at a time!

How are we different

At Just LIFT we are taking a FRESH approach to group training. Most group fitness concepts revolve around HIIT training, cardio and power focused movements to increase heart rate and burn high levels of calories per session. While this is an effective concept for losing weight, at Just LIFT we focus on helping clients change overall body composition. Weightlifting and resistance training are the best tools in your fitness arsenal to increase lean muscle mass and decrease overall body fat. These changes lead to a more defined, athletic and healthy physique than weight loss alone.


Our one hour STRENGTH / RESISTANCE focused sessions are led by a certified coach in a supportive, challenging and dynamic atmosphere. Work alongside others who have similar goals while your coach inspires you to do your best!

Real Experiences, Real Results


I’ve grown more working out in the last 8 months at Just LIFT than I have in the last 8 years lifting solo!

Mariela T.


Just Lift studios is more than just a gym. It is a community that pushes you to truly SEE MORE

Joelle H.


This place is the type of environment that welcomes and feels like home for all. It is so encouraging and SEE MORE

Leah A.

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